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This is a program for all UNION COUNTY Elementary school age students (K-5th grade). The program is to get kids to slowdown & enjoy reading out-loud to their SLOTH's that they adopt and agree to read to and take care of. There are also incentive prizes to encourage reading.

To sign your child up for the program stop by Maynardville Public Library and talk to a librarian. The program is completely free for all eligible children. 


Participants can collect SLOTH Bucks by reading aloud to their sloth for 30 minutes a day 6 days a week (or 3 hours a week). To get your Sloth Bucks click the sloth buck above and fill in your Childs name and number of bucks earned. You must be signed up for the program to earn Sloth Bucks. You may only earn one sloth buck a week and the hours need to be turned in around the end of each month.

To redeem your sloth bucks you must come to Maynardville public library. Let the librarians know the name of the child/children participating and they will help gather the prizes. Each sloth buck is worth one small prize or if your child wants to save them up, 4 sloth bucks are worth a larger prize. Let the librarian know ahead of time if your child wants to save their bucks up.

Each child may only get one sloth, if they lose their sloth we will not be able to give them another one. 

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