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What is Dungeons and Dragons?

D&D is at it's core a roleplaying adventure game. A group of people can play with just a book, some dice, and their imaginations. One person typically acts as the DM (Dungeon Master)/ storyteller, while the others create characters and interact with the story the DM weaves. D&D improves critical thinking, social skills, team work and even math skills! 

To join the libraries Teen D&D group you must be ages 13-18. We meet every other Saturday from 9am-1pm, to see what day of the week check the libraries calendar. If you would like to make your own character we would appreciate you coming in before Saturday to spend the time to build your character. 

To play D&D you need a character! Some campaigns use pre-made characters and are ready to go! But most require you to build a character to play with! Building a character is easy and you get to customize a lot about them! To build one you use the Player's Handbook. You can stop by the library to use ours or make one online on D&D Beyond! After making your character you can also make portraits of them to get a visual sense of what they look like! I used 2Minute Tabletop to make these tokens!

hammertheshark_goblin female 3_2020-12-2
hammertheshark_Green Dragon_2020-12-28T2
david-wilson_Tabaxi Cleric Male_2020-12-
hammertheshark_Triton male cloth_2020-12
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