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The Library contains a wealth of Union County history books, tax lists, census index, cemetery lists, family histories and a complete set of Pathways



Genealogy Internet Resources


















Union County, Tennessee History



The Nashville City Cemetery

United States - General Genealogy Sites:

Cyndi's List

National Archives



Daughters of the American Revolution 



Civil War Soldiers and Sailors


Tennessee & the Civil War


 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA):  Revolutionary War Records, War of 1812, Indian War, Union records for the Civil War


NARA order forms:




Castle Garden

Ellis Island


Law Library online

 (for terminology)



Free e-books online



Project Gutenberg

Internet archive


Family Search


Native American Indian Genealogy


Latter Day Saints Database  (Free)



Freedman’s Bureau Online


Tennessee Genealogical Network  (TNGenNet )



Nashville Public Library Resources



East Tennessee Historical Society / McClung Historical Collection


West Tennessee Resources




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