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Paper Clay recipes

Shred paper (newspaper or any kind of paper)  hot water make sure all of the paper is covered for at lease 2 hours. Take an old mixer mix paper & water in a separate bowl till it is mush

Paper mulch drained in a sock

1-2 cups paper mulch

3 Tablespoon oil

3 Tablespoon glue

3 Tablespoon cornstarch

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Salt

Mix by hand dough like mixture

If needed add more cornstarch or glue mix all together

How to make it

Draw out what you want to make. Use plastic bottles, old pill bottle, alum-foil, masking tape to form your shape . Then add the paper clay start at the bottom and work your way up. Put it in front of a fan to dry it quicker.

When dry paint with acrylics or Tempera Paint. 

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